As A Friend

Published Aug 14, 2022
Content Rating Explicit
Content Warning
Explicit sexual content
Word Count 5,275

Fandom Genshin Impact
Category F/F
Kamisato Ayaka, Lumine
Kamisato Ayaka/Lumine
Fluff, First Time

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To preface, this is set right after Ayaka’s story quest.

I've been thinking about this scenario for a few days now and I just had to get it out lol. Enjoy!


Ayaka asks Lumine to kiss her, as a friend.

“Your socks are wet.”

Ayaka stood there, in the shallow river, with her fan covering her face. She looked down at her feet, then back at Lumine. “Oh.”

Lumine stepped into the water and approached Ayaka. “Sorry, that wasn’t the right thing to say.” She took her hands in hers, folding back the fan. “Your dance was beautiful.”

“But my socks are wet,” Ayaka giggled. She kicked into the water, dousing Lumine’s skirt. “Look, you’re wet now, too.”

Lumine grinned devilishly. “Oh, you—” She tackled Ayaka into the river, causing a large splash, drenching them both. Ayaka was full-on laughing now, added with Lumine tickling her sides. When she had enough, Ayaka locked her knees between Lumine’s hips and flipped her over in a remarkable display of strength. Lumine looked at her in awe, Ayaka’s laugh sending little jolts all over her body.

Their laughter died down, and Ayaka’s eyes widened in horror. “Oh, Archons—” she quickly stepped away, offering a hand for Lumine. “I–I don’t know what came over me.”

Lumine swept Ayaka’s stray hair behind her ear, still giggling. “Come on, I like you and your rebellious streak.”

“You do?”

“Of course,” replied Lumine. “You should let it out more often, that side of you.”

Ayaka gave a sad smile. “I wish I could.”

“Hey,” Lumine said, her thumb softly grazing Ayaka’s cheek. “We had fun, didn’t we?”

Ayaka nodded, leaning her face into Lumine’s hand. Then, her lips spread into a tight smile, suppressing a laugh. “We are so drenched now, though.”

“Very drenched, indeed,” Lumine said, smiling back. “We should go get changed.”

“I don’t have a spare change of clothes with me.”

“Let’s go back to your place, then.”

Ayaka regarded her for a moment. Her blue eyes were icy, and yet her gaze did not feel cold at all. “Okay, but the Estate is too far away.”

“Don’t worry. I have a cool trick.” Lumine held out her hands to Ayaka. “Hold my hands.”

A rosy hue crept up Ayaka’s cheeks. “Oh… Sure.” She held Lumine’s hands tentatively. “What now?”

Lumine grinned. “Close your eyes. Visualize the Kamisato Estate, as if you were there.”


“Hold on tight, my lady.”

Lumine closed her own eyes, felt the earth beneath her feet disappear, until there was nothing but the teleport waypoint network connecting to every place she has been in Teyvat so far. She pictured the Kamisato Estate in her mind—along with the awe she first felt upon setting foot. It was elegant and beautiful and—

Lumine felt herself and Ayaka disintegrating into pure golden light, speeding through the distance, until they materialized again, just outside of the Kamisato Estate.

Ayaka opened her eyes. “What? Oh, my head—” She brought a hand to her forehead. Her knees buckled, but Lumine caught her in time. Ayaka clutched Lumine’s arms, holding on tight as she steadied herself. “What was that, Lumine?”

“We used the teleport waypoint network to travel at the speed of light,” Lumine said, holding Ayaka in an embrace. “It is a bit disorienting, though. Sorry about that.”

Ayaka buried her face in Lumine’s shoulder and sighed. “No, I am fine. I just need a little rest.”

Lumine held her close. “Are you okay?”

Ayaka didn’t answer. She wasn’t moving, as if frozen in place. Lumine pulled away and held her in place by the shoulders. She was blushing. The action broke Ayaka from her trance, and she replied, “I am fine. Sorry, I am simply not used to such… close contact.”

“No, I’m sorry,” Lumine insisted. “I didn’t know.”

Ayaka smiled sweetly. “You don’t have to apologize.” A pause, as if considering her next words, then Ayaka continued, “It was nice.”

“It was.”

“Um… so, do you want to come in?”

Lumine nodded, and with her fingers entwined with hers, Ayaka led her inside, into the garden, and inside the mansion. It was late in the night, and the interior had only a few lanterns lighting the hallways. Lumine’s heart pounded in her chest when she realized Ayaka was leading her to her bedroom. Ayaka let go of her hand and slid the door open, entering without waiting for Lumine. Lumine, on the other hand, stood outside.

Ayaka noticed she didn’t follow and looked back at her. “Come on in.”

“Um… Inside?”

“My closet is inside my bedroom.”

“Is it really okay for me to come in? Isn’t it, like, forbidden, or something?”

Ayaka paused, considering Lumine’s words. “Hm… Normally, guests would not be allowed, yes, but you are my friend, and you are also drenched. I am sure I can make an exception.” Ayaka advanced towards her, and said in a hushed voice, “Everyone’s asleep, too. I’m sure no one would know.” She giggled.

Lumine held a hand to her chest, suppressing a laugh. “Oh, my, you are such a rebel, Lady Ayaka.”

Lumine obliged and entered Ayaka’s bedroom. It was large, larger than her own room in her own teapot. There were large windows around, closed off with thin sliding panels. She went to Ayaka’s personal bathroom and started peeling off her drenched clothes. First, her boots. Then, her bracers and sleeves, and finally, her dress. All that was left was her undergarments, which were damp but not completely soaked. Lumine decided she would not fully undress, not in front of Ayaka, no.

When Lumine looked up at the vanity, she saw Ayaka standing behind her, gawking. She still had not undressed, save for her coat and bracers, which she held in her hands.

Lumine turned around to face her. “Do you need help taking off your armor?”

Ayaka nodded imperceptibly, entering the bathroom. “I usually would have my lady-in-waiting do it for me, but—”

“It’s okay. Come here,” Lumine beckoned. She examined Ayaka’s armor, confused where to start. “How do you—”

“T–there’s a knot at the bottom,” Ayaka said, finger pointing at the bottom of her armor corset. “Pull on the longer cord to undo it.”

Lumine followed, slowly tugging on the cord, releasing the knot. She turned Ayaka around and unraveled the cord tying the corset together, and when the last one was undone, Ayaka let out a sigh of relief.

“Is it that uncomfortable?” Lumine asked, gently turning Ayaka by the shoulders to face her.

“I’m used to it,” was all Ayaka said.

Ayaka looked away as Lumine fumbled with the corset, pulling it off her chest. She had undergarments beneath, and Lumine silently thanked the Archons for keeping her sane in this trying time. She would not know what she would do if she saw Ayaka’s bare breasts in front of her.

Ayaka touched her chest, patting her brassiere. “It’s dry, thankfully.”

Thankfully, Lumine thought.

The rest of the kimono was easy to take off after that. Now, they were both in only their undergarments, standing awkwardly in the bathroom. Ayaka’s skin was flush all over, not just her cheeks, but her shoulders and the swell of her chest were a tinge of pink. Ayaka wasn’t looking at Lumine, and it was better this way—she would not see how Lumine’s gaze flitted over her body, not knowing where to look and where to linger. She wanted to drink all of her in, and the way Ayaka’s entire body was blushing just made Lumine thirstier.

“It’s cold,” Ayaka muttered.

“Clothes,” Lumine replied. “We need clothes.”

Ayaka snapped out of her trance. “Oh, right!” Before leaving the bathroom, Ayaka turned around and said, “Are you okay with robes?”

“Robes are perfect.”

Ayaka quickly came back, already wearing a dark blue silk robe adorned with designs of constellations. She handed Lumine a beautiful golden robe embroidered with images of sakura flowers.

“Wow,” Lumine gasped in awe. She put it on, and the smooth fabric made her feel expensive. “This is beautiful. Um, do you mind if I take off my undergarments? They’re damp, so—”

“Sure, go ahead,” Ayaka nodded. “I already took off mine.”

Lumine’s eyes widened. She tried really hard not to suddenly look at Ayaka’s chest and managed to keep eye contact with her. “Oh. Okay. Lemme just—”

“Oh, yes, I’ll be outside.”

Lumine took off her brassiere and panties, and oh, the feeling of the silk robe on her bare skin was utterly divine. She left the bathroom and saw Ayaka sitting down on the edge of her bed, fiddling with the ribbon in her robe.

Lumine sat beside her. “Are you ready to sleep?”

“Um…” Ayaka hesitated. “I–is this normal? To sleep with friends, I mean?”

Oh, Archons, she is so innocent. Must protect.

Lumine fought hard not to tell her how that sounded and instead opted for a more harmless answer. “Yes, I would say so. In one world I visited, there is a kind of tradition where girls and their lady friends would sleep together in one room. It’s called a slumber party.”

“Oh, it’s a party?”

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Lumine replied. “Girls usually would talk about their crushes and secrets or make fun of other people during slumber parties.”

“So, you would say this is kind of a slumber party?”

Lumine nodded.

“But not if we don’t share secrets, is that right?”

Lumine chuckled. “Well, it’s not a requirement, but sure.”

Ayaka laid down beside Lumine, and she followed suit. Lumine faced her in bed, severely aware of how naked they were beneath their robes, but instead of dwelling on that fact, she honed in on Ayaka’s face instead. Her hair icy blue hair was down, still a bit damp and stringy, but there was a kind of intimacy seeing her with her hair down. Looking at her face did not help slow down Lumine’s heartbeat at all.

“Can you tell me a story?” Ayaka said. “About any of the worlds you’ve traveled to?”

Lumine smiled. “Sure.”

She told about a story when she was still with Aether, in a different world, where everything was completely modernized. Complex machinery and innovations were everywhere, widely used by the people. The people were smart, too, but that intelligence came at a cost: they had invented weapons of destruction, too strong and powerful, ending the lives of many in a world war. Lumine and Aether had no choice but to watch; their principles were to never interfere in a world’s history. They were only there to observe, but they couldn’t take it. Not long after, they left in search of a different world, one that did not devastate themselves, and found themselves in Teyvat.

“But the peace did not last long,” Lumine said. “I don’t remember what happened, still, but my brother and I were separated.”

Ayaka propped herself up on her elbow. “Wait, did you just describe the war of Khaenri’ah? You were there?”

Lumine wasn’t sure if she should have said that. “Um…”

Ayaka brought a hand to Lumine’s cheek. “That was over 500 years ago! How come you’re not wrinkly at all?”

Lumine smiled. “It’s a secret, but I’ll tell you.” She nudged for Ayaka to come closer. She did, and Lumine whispered to her ear, “My skin care routine is immaculate.”

Ayaka giggled, her breath raising the hair on Lumine’s neck.

She continued, “I have twenty steps in my routine, and I do it first thing in the morning and before I sleep at night.”

Ayaka was laughing now. “Come on, be serious.”

“Okay, fine. Here’s the real secret,” Lumine scooted closer, her arm snaking around Ayaka in an embrace. “I’m immortal.”

Ayaka was silent, but she returned the embrace. “That makes sense, somehow, but… how?” She held her firmly, as if to make sure Lumine was real and solid. “So, you’re like… an Archon?”

Lumine pulled away to look Ayaka in the eyes. “More than.”

There was awe in her eyes. “Whoa. I’m friends with a goddess.”

Lumine snorted. “Oh, please.”

“I’m serious! I mean, wow. It makes total sense, but wow.”

“Okay, enough flattery. You don’t have to be so amazed.”

“But I am! A–and here you are, in my room, and I’m friends with you, and, just, wow. Just when I thought you couldn’t get any more amazing.”

Lumine was sure she was blushing all over now from all of Ayaka’s flattery. Everyone had an almost similar reaction to Lumine’s immortality, but Ayaka was one of the first to mention how amazed she was with her friendship with her.

“Come on, let’s go to sleep,” Lumine said in an effort to change the subject.

Ayaka was still staring at her.

“Hey. You’re staring.”

Ayaka snapped out of her trance, looking away. “Oh, sorry. It’s just—”


“It’s nothing.” Ayaka turned to the other side, facing away from Lumine.

“What?” Lumine insisted, moving closer to bury her chin on Ayaka’s shoulder. “You can tell me.”

“It’s no surprise you’re a goddess, you know,” said Ayaka. “I mean, you’re practically perfect. Beautiful, strong, powerful—”


Ayaka turned back around to face her. “What?” she said with a pout.

“You’re all that, too,” Lumine said, caressing her cheek. “Except the immortality part, but you are beautiful, and smart, and strong, and—”

“Please stop.” There were tears in her eyes.

“Hey, oh, Archons, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you sad—”

Ayaka smiled. “No, no, I’m not sad.” She paused, wiping her tears away. “No one has really… noticed me before. I mean, people know I am a Kamisato, and that I am the Shirasagi Himegimi, but… they don’t see me like you do. You see me for who I am, a human being with desires and aspirations and flaws.”

She paused, then continued. “What I mean to say is, I–I don’t have to hide myself when I’m with you, Lumine. You make me feel… me.”

Lumine smiled, a warm feeling in her chest spreading out in her body. Before she knew it, she leaned closer to press a kiss on Ayaka’s cheek. “I’m glad I make you feel that way.”

Ayaka’s cheeks flushed. “Lumine…”

Lumine pressed another kiss to her forehead this time. “I’m glad I make you feel like yourself.” Then she continued, a kiss on her nose. “I’m glad I make you happy.”

She really was pushing the limits here, kissing Ayaka everywhere on the face but her lips. But Lumine could not resist. And here was Ayaka, still speechless, but Lumine could tell she was probably blushing all over again.

“Lumine…” Ayaka muttered. “D–do friends kiss like that?”

Lumine laughed. “On the cheeks, forehead, nose? Sometimes, yeah. If they’re really close.”

“What about—” Ayaka brought a thumb to Lumine’s lips, caressing her bottom lip. “—here?”

Lumine pressed a soft kiss to her thumb. “It depends.”

“Depends on what?”

Lumine took Ayaka’s hand, kissing her knuckles one by one. “It depends on what a person wants.”

“H–have you ever kissed anyone before?”

Lumine nodded. She moved her lips to the back of Ayaka’s hand before turning it over and kissing her palm. “I’ve kissed lots of boys and girls.”

“What was it like?”

Oh, dear. Ayaka asked a dangerous question, and it took all of Lumine’s self-restraint not to kiss her right then and there. It was clear Ayaka was very inexperienced about all this, and Lumine couldn’t—wouldn’t—ruin it for her.

“It’s nice,” Lumine answered tentatively.

“Did… you like them? As a friend?”

She smiled. “Yeah, I did. Some of them were more than friends, but…” Lumine trailed off. But I left them, she was going to say, but the thought hurt. She did leave them, but she was the veritable Traveler, for Archons’ sake. They should have seen it coming. That was why Lumine always insisted on only staying friends, perhaps friends with benefits, but nothing more.

Looking at Ayaka now, she wanted her, too, more than a friend should, but Lumine couldn’t bear to hurt and leave her, like all the others.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to pry,” Ayaka said.

“It’s fine.”

“Can you kiss me?”

Lumine pursed her lips. She knew this was coming. “Um…”

“As a friend?”


Lumine smiled. “I can, sure. As a friend.” She nudged closer, cupping Ayaka’s cheek. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah. I mean, it’s just a kiss, right?”

Lumine knew she shouldn’t, but Ayaka was right there, asking to be kissed, and really, she should not keep a lady waiting. So, she leaned in, pressing her lips on hers, and goodness, Ayaka’s lips were so soft.

Lumine quickly pulled away, restraining herself from doing more. She gauged Ayaka’s reaction, but she wasn’t making eye contact. “How was it?”

Ayaka gave an imperceptible nod. “S’good.”

“You liked it?”


“Do you want more?”

Ayaka paused to consider, then nodded.

Lumine leaned in again to kiss her, this time nibbling on Ayaka’s bottom lip. She gasped at the contact, but Ayaka returned the favor, focusing on Lumine’s upper lip. Archons, she’s a fast learner.

Lumine swiped an experimental tongue on her lip, and Ayaka eagerly parted her mouth, welcoming Lumine. Ayaka was moaning into the kiss now, and she was so loud and unapologetic, completely forgetting how thin the walls were in the Kamisato Estate. The sounds made Lumine heady, and she pressed further into the kiss.

She didn’t want to let go, and she should, really, before something else happened, but their bodies were so close together, and she was once again painfully aware of how naked they were under their robes. She pulled Ayaka close, wrapping her in an embrace, feeling her soft breasts against the thin layer of their robes, and oh, she just wanted to touch her all over.

So, she did, laying a hand experimentally on her shoulder, slowly trailing down until Lumine felt the slope of her breast underneath the robe. The touch elicited a faint moan from Ayaka, encouraging Lumine to move further down, feeling the delicate bump of her nipple under the silk. Ayaka moaned into the kiss, and Lumine could feel the nipple hardening under her touch. She kept going, rubbing circles around it, causing Ayaka to pant and pull away from the kiss.

Lumine didn’t stop—she didn’t want to stop now—so she moved her lips down to Ayaka’s neck, nibbling and sucking on her smooth skin.

Ah, Lumine—”

Her name on Ayaka’s lips encouraged her, slipping a hand under Ayaka’s robe to touch her. A hand tentatively rested on the curve of her breast, gently dragging down her fingers until Lumine’s palm covered it. She kneaded it, bringing her thumb to brush against her nipple. Touching her felt so divine, and Lumine wanted a taste so badly.

“Lumine, wait—”

“Yes, my lady?”

“Ah, c–can we slow down?”

Lumine stopped, bringing her hand out of Ayaka’s robe. “Of course. Sorry, I–I got carried away.”

“No, it’s fine. Let’s just slow down.”

“Okay.” Lumine studied Ayaka’s face. She really got ahead of herself there, touching her in places no one ever had. Before Lumine continued, she wanted to get something out of the way first: “We’ll slow down, but first, I want to ask, are you completely sure about this?”

Ayaka nodded. “Yes. Are you?”

Lumine pursed her lips. “I am. But I don’t think I have been clear with you. I am the Traveler.”

“I know.”

“What I mean is, I have no intentions of staying.”

“In Inazuma?”

Lumine paused, but before she could continue, Ayaka realized. “Oh. You mean, Teyvat. Of course.”

“Yes. I–I just don’t want to break your heart, Ayaka.”

Ayaka gave a small smile. “That’s part of being normal, right? Getting your heart broken?”

Lumine chuckled. “Yeah, I guess so?”

“Then I want it.”


“I would rather have you, Lumine, break my heart than anyone else.”

Lumine couldn’t help but smile. “You know you might just be saying that because you’re—”

“Lumine, you’re my friend, and today you really showed me that I can have normal things, even if it’s just a semblance of what normal people actually do.”

“But still—”

“I’m not finished,” Ayaka said. “I am a high-ranking member of the Yashiro Commission, and that means everyone, and I mean everyone, wants to please us. They give us everything they want, but only because they want something else in return. I’m tired of that. I just want someone to want me for me.”

“Are you—?”

“Yes, I’m done.”

“Do you think I am that person? Who wants you for you?”

“Yes. I believe so.”

“And if I leave and break your heart?”

“Listen, Lumine,” Ayaka said, cupping her face in her hands. “It is an honor to have my heart broken by you. Now, kiss me.”

Lumine didn’t need to be told twice. She kissed her again, this time slowly, savoring the way Ayaka’s lips fit into hers. Ayaka grazed her teeth on her lips, earning a moan from Lumine, exhilarated by how eager Ayaka was. She pulled Ayaka closer, again aware of their bodies together, but instead of touching her everywhere, Lumine’s hand settled on the small of her back. Ayaka, on the other hand, had her hands in Lumine’s hair, threading her fingers through her golden strands.

They stayed like that for a while, restlessly kissing each other in a warm embrace. Ayaka was the first to pull away.

“Are you okay?” Lumine asked.

Ayaka nodded. She pointed to her neck, and Lumine followed with her lips, pressing light kisses on her pulse.

“I–I like what you were doing earlier,” Ayaka said, her voice quivering slightly.

“Like this?” Lumine sank her teeth in and sucked at the skin. Ayaka gasped at the contact, grasping Lumine’s hair tighter.

Mm, yes, like that.”

Lumine continued, encouraged by Ayaka’s tiny moans and the way she held her tighter, grasping at her biceps. Warmth pooled between her legs in anticipation of how Ayaka would shove Lumine’s face down on her pussy.

But that would have to wait. For now, Lumine focused on leaving marks on Ayaka’s throat, relishing Ayaka’s little sighs. She felt Ayaka’s fingers subtly nudging her downward, and Lumine followed, leaving a trail of kisses down to her clavicle.

Before Lumine could ask, Ayaka pulled on the ribbon of her robe, unraveling before her. Lumine could only gasp in awe at the sight of her. She brought a tentative hand on Ayaka’s breast, then a thumb on her nipple, and as Lumine palmed her, Ayaka could no longer suppress the noises she was making.

“Can I taste you?” Lumine asked.

Ayaka nodded, biting her lip.

Lumine didn’t waste any time and took the plunge into her chest. She sprinkled kisses on her cleavage before moving downward and taking a nipple in her mouth. Everything about Ayaka was divine, from her taste to the sound of her moans, to the way she was pulling on Lumine’s hair. Her other hand attended to her other breast, rolling the nipple between her fingers.

Archons, Lumine...”


“That feels good, really good.”

Good, Lumine thought. She didn’t live for a thousand years to be only mediocre in pleasing men and women alike.

Lumine switched sides, pushing Ayaka on her back and climbing on top of her. She straddled her hips, with only Lumine’s thin robes separating each other. But Lumine didn’t take it off, not yet. Instead, she bent down and continued her ministrations on Ayaka’s chest. Ayaka’s hands on Lumine’s hair tightened, pushing her in, and Lumine enjoyed the way Ayaka wanted it, how much she wanted it.

“More?” Lumine asked.

“Yes, more. Please.

Lumine loved the sound of that. She pushed her thigh between Ayaka’s legs, and even with her robe separating them, she could feel how wet Ayaka already was. Ayaka moaned into the touch, her knees instinctively locking Lumine’s thigh in place. Slowly, Ayaka rocked her hips against her thigh and Lumine wondered if she had ever touched herself before this.

She rested her face between Ayaka’s tits, the warmth of it on Lumine’s cheeks. Ayaka’s hands had moved down to Lumine’s hips, digging her fingers into her skin as she ground her clit against her thigh.

Oh, she knows what she’s doing, Lumine thought, watching Ayaka’s face, cheeks flushed and mouth slightly parted as she bucked her hips.

“Have you done this before?” Lumine asked. “Touched yourself?”

Ayaka nodded, breathless.

“Were you thinking of this? Me making you feel good?”

She nodded again. Her breaths became quick and shallow, whispering affirmations after affirmations. Her fingers on Lumine’s hips dug deeper as she ground out into her orgasm, her gasps rising to a yielding crescendo.

“Oh, Lumine—” Ayaka whimpered, her hips slowing down. Slowly, Ayaka let go, throwing her head back into the pillow, heaving short shallow breaths. She looked beautiful like this, the absolute bliss on her face, flushed pink like a sakura bloom. Lumine bent down and devoured her mouth, teeth hitting lips. She couldn’t get enough of Ayaka, the way she would whimper under her touch, and Lumine just wanted to show her all the ways she could make her feel good, make her cum again and again until she couldn’t take anymore. Lumine did not think she was this hungry for her, but damn, she did not want this to ever end.

Ayaka pulled away from the kiss, out of breath. Lumine stared at her, and she stared back. “I—” Ayaka started, but her voice trailed off.

“What is it?”

“H–Have you ever thought of me, too? When you—when you touch yourself?”

Lumine kissed her. “Many times, my lady.”

Ayaka’s eyes widened a fraction, then her face turned into pure determination. “I want to make you feel good, too.”

Lumine sat up and untied her robe to peel it off.

Ayaka brought a tentative hand to Lumine’s chest. “I–I’ve never seen—”

“It’s okay, you can touch.” Lumine took Ayaka’s hand and palmed it over her own breast.

Ayaka sat up, watching in awe at how her hand fit into Lumine’s breast. She grazed her thumb over the nipple, eliciting a small gasp from Lumine.

“Oh,” Ayaka muttered. She looked amazed at the prospect of pleasing Lumine, and Lumine was eager to teach her.

Lumine threaded her fingers through Ayaka’s hair and slowly pushed her head into her chest. She planted kisses on Lumine’s skin, finally resting her lips on her nipple.

“Um,” Ayaka said, and the vibration of her lips against her skin sent a jolt down her spine. “I–I don’t know how—”

“Suck on it. Gently.”

Ayaka followed, and oh, her mouth felt so good on her.

“Tongue,” Lumine ordered, and Ayaka swiped her tongue on her nipple. “Good girl.”

Ayaka’s hands roamed around Lumine’s body, skimming her stomach, her waist, before resting down to her hips. Lumine took her hand and guided it between her legs, so warm and needy for her touch.

Ayaka gasped at the contact, but Lumine didn’t let go of her hand. Instead, Lumine guided her fingers to rub circles on her clit. When Ayaka got a sense of the rhythm, Lumine let go and held onto Ayaka’s hair.

“That’s it, my lady. So good. Such a good girl,” Lumine said in between moans.

Her words encouraged Ayaka, her fingers applying more pressure between her legs. Ayaka moved from her tits to her neck now, leaving kisses and bruises. She was so good, so eager, such a fast learner to please her, like Ayaka was made for this, to touch Lumine and no one else. Lumine bucked her hips against Ayaka’s hand, wanting more and more of her, wanting her inside. But this would do for now. The way Ayaka looked at her with such awe while rubbing her clit was enough to get her right on the edge. The warmth down there was building up and up, and Archons, Lumine was so close, just a little bit more, and—

“Fuck, Ayaka,” Lumine said, grasping her hair as she rode Ayaka’s palm through her orgasm.

Ayaka looked up at her. “Did I do good?”

Lumine smiled, planting a kiss on her head. “Yes, my lady, you were excellent. But I’m not done with you yet.”

Lumine held Ayaka by the shoulders and slowly moved her back down to the bed. She straddled her again, this time with no robes separating them. Lumine leaned down to kiss her, feeling Ayaka’s hot skin on hers. She pulled away, Ayaka moving to chase her lips, only for Lumine to leave kisses down her neck, her breast, stomach, her pelvis, then her inner thighs.

“Lumine,” Ayaka whined. “Please.”

“Yes, my lady? Did you want something?”

Ayaka grasped at her hair and nudged her toward her cunt. Up close, she could smell her scent, and oh, it was intoxicating. Lumine wanted to dive in, but first, she wanted to hear from Ayaka.

Lumine gave a tentative lick, eliciting a gasp from Ayaka.


“Yes, more.”

Another lick. Archons. It was divine, truly, the way she moaned and pulled at her hair. It was just the way she imagined it would be.

“Lumine, please, stop teasing.”

Lumine grinned before finally diving into her meal. She lapped at her clit, using the flat of her tongue to apply pressure as she licked and licked. Lumine’s fingers teased at Ayaka’s entrance, so hot and wet for her. She looked up at Ayaka, muttering gibberish about how good she felt.

She pushed a finger in, and Ayaka gasped into the touch, arching her back instinctively.

“Hah, yes, Lumine, that feels so good. You feel so good,” Ayaka moaned, thrusting her hips up to Lumine’s face.

Ayaka was so, so wet, and soon Lumine had eased another finger in, curling inwards and fucking her as she sucked and lapped at her clit.

“Please,” Ayaka gasped, “Oh, Archons—

Lumine continued to lap and fuck her simultaneously; Ayaka’s hands on her head shoved her down hard until she could almost suffocate in her scent and juices, and Lumine could just die like this, between Ayaka’s legs, her final breaths taken to make her cum. She knew Ayaka was close, grinding into her face so mercilessly, so Lumine kept up the pace, and then she felt Ayaka’s thighs squeezing together as she came, muttering Lumine’s name, over and over.

Slowly, Ayaka relented, letting go of Lumine’s head. She climbed back up to kiss her, letting Ayaka taste her juices in Lumine’s mouth. Then she laid beside her, scooting close. Ayaka cuddled into her, burying her face in the crook of her shoulder.

“You really are a goddess, Lumine.”

Lumine smiled, pressing a kiss on Ayaka’s head. “Oh, please, Ayaka. You flatter me too much.”

“It’s true.”

“Well, yeah, I am a goddess, but that has little to do with how good I am in bed.”

Ayaka chuckled. “True.” She sighed, nuzzling closer. “I’m really glad it’s you.”


Lumine felt Ayaka nod. “Mm-hmm. Even if—when you leave, I don’t think I’ll ever regret this.”

“You say that now, but—”

“I’m serious.” Ayaka traced the curve of Lumine’s breasts. “I felt and experienced things I know I wouldn’t have if not for you.”

Lumine tugged Ayaka’s jaw upward to face her. “Even without me, even if you’ve never met me, you could have.”

Ayaka pouted. “I don’t want to have never met you.”

“I know. Me too. But promise me,” Lumine replied, “That even without me, you’ll still keep doing normal things.”

“Of course.”

“Make new friends, new love—”

“I know, I know. Let’s not think about it just yet.” Ayaka pressed a kiss on her clavicle. “For now, let’s just... be together.”

“‘Together’ together, or ‘together’ as a friend?”

“Does it matter?”

Lumine chuckled. “No, I guess, it doesn’t.”

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