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Key information on the rating system, adopted from AO3:

  • Gen: General Audiences, no disturbing content and suitable for all ages
  • Teen and Up: Appropriate for audiences above 13. May have swearing, mild violence or suggestive content
  • Mature: Contains adult content but is not graphic or overly detailed
  • Explicit: As graphic as it gets. Will have either graphic violence or explicit sexual content or both

Please heed the ratings and read at your own discretion.

Content warnings, if any, are listed in the work page.

rating fandom title category relationships status date
Gen Baldur's Gate 3 Moonlight F/F Shadowheart/Tav Completed Jun 02, 2024
Gen Baldur's Gate 3 if he had a hundred years N/A Wyll & Ulder Ravengard Completed Nov 21, 2023
Explicit Baldur's Gate 3 hallowed ground F/F Shadowheart/Tav Completed Oct 22, 2023
Teen and Up Genshin Impact A Gentleman Strikes in Broad Daylight F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Jul 18, 2023
Gen Genshin Impact Stay F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Jul 17, 2023
Explicit Genshin Impact good boy F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Jan 04, 2023
Teen and Up Genshin Impact still i will live here F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Sep 14, 2022
Teen and Up Genshin Impact let simmer F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Sep 09, 2022
Explicit Genshin Impact Mercy F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Aug 19, 2022
Explicit Genshin Impact As A Friend F/F Kamisato Ayaka/Lumine Completed Aug 14, 2022
Teen and Up Genshin Impact Honey Trap F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Aug 09, 2022
Explicit Genshin Impact Collusion F/M Childe/Lumine In Progress Jun 26, 2022
Explicit Genshin Impact Gods & Monsters F/M Childe/Lumine Completed May 28, 2022
Teen and Up Genshin Impact a life in your shape F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Jan 21, 2021
Explicit Genshin Impact Game, Set, Match F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Dec 24, 2020
Mature Genshin Impact my north star F/F Beidou/Ningguang Completed Dec 13, 2020
Teen and Up Genshin Impact Soldier On F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Dec 06, 2020
Teen and Up Genshin Impact like a moth to a flame F/M Childe/Lumine Completed Nov 29, 2020
Gen Ace Attorney Dreams of Perfection N/A N/A Completed Sep 01, 2014
Gen Ace Attorney Two Sides of the Same Coin F/F Maya/Ema Completed Feb 01, 2014