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Hi, it’s me, ya boygirl, Ten (he/she). You may also know me as symmetra on AO3, though I don’t really go by that name on other sites.

I built this website to host my fanfiction both as a design exercise and as a way to preserve my work on a different platform.

why is your username symmetra?

Good question.

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with Overwatch, and Symmetra was one of my favourite characters. I didn’t really write anything for the game, but I did read a lot of fics about it.

The username symmetra was available on AO3, so I took it, and the name stuck.

how did you start writing?

I started writing fiction when I was around 14. It was a mix of particularly terrible Percy Jackson spinoff (it’s hard to create a magic system in your tweens), and equally terrible K-pop RPF. I wasn’t good, but the act of writing was (and is) so joyful to me that I wanted to do it for a living.

As you may already know, writing is not a very good option for starting a career.

Young me was so disheartened by this knowledge that I stopped writing anything for years. I posted two fics back in 2014, a total of under 2k words, but nothing else. I had drafts and ideas here and there, but I didn’t deem any of them good enough to actually write a full fic for.

Then, 2020 came. Yes, COVID happened, but Genshin Impact also released on September of that year. All of a sudden, I had so many ideas I wanted to write and so much free time, too. Miraculously, I did write and explore those ideas! I found joy in writing again. And I’ve been writing (more or less) regularly ever since.


If you have any questions, comments, or feedback about my work, please direct them to the work’s comment section on AO3, or find me here:


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website roadmap

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